Centenarian Quaida Mae Graham Celebrates 101 Years of Joyful Living

Quaida Mae Graham, a beloved resident of Foxworth in Marion County, reached an incredible milestone on Wednesday when she turned 101.

At her daughter’s house in Columbia, the centenarian’s special day was filled with love and laughter, surrounded by balloons, cake, and the warmth of family and friends.

Graham’s life has been a tapestry of experiences and shared moments with her five children, countless grandchildren, and a slew of great-grandchildren, making her a well-loved person in her community.

A Passion For Golf And Admiration for Tiger Woods

Graham’s longevity is matched by her zeal for life, particularly her love of watching golf on television. This hobby offers her great satisfaction, as family friend Freddie Lee Collins observed, “If I ever go by throughout the day, she’ll be watching golf.”

Her enthusiasm for famed golfer Tiger Woods is well-known among her friends and family, demonstrating her commitment to the sport and its athletes.

This distinct component of her personality contributes to the complex tapestry of memories and preferences that have defined her for over a century.

Inspiration and Gratitude: Community Reflections on Graham’s Life

Graham was in California with relatives for the centennial celebration last year, but her presence in Pine Belt was especially appreciated this year.

Residents, including Marvin Pittman, pastor of Sunflower Baptist Church and a long-time family friend, expressed their appreciation for Graham’s presence.

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Pittman refers to her as a “young lady,” recognizing the motivation she brings to people around her. Her life, a synthesis of particular interests and solid familial ties, remains a source of joy and inspiration in the community.

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