Brother of Chicago Murder Victim Blasts Biden’s Illinois Trip: ‘Say You Were Wrong’

Gianno Caldwell, whose younger brother was killed in the Windy City’s gun violence epidemic over the summer, called for new leadership to address the country’s crime crisis and an end to Democrats’ soft-on-crime policies as President Biden prepared to visit Chicago days before the midterm elections.

“Second-degree homicide in Illinois is no longer a crime that you can be charged with thanks to the SAFE-T Act. Caldwell stated on Friday’s episode of “Your World” with Neil Cavuto, “This is a tragedy on many levels. ” And I must say, something has to change. In order to try to do anything, we also need a Republican majority in the House and Senate.

Biden headed to Chicago for a Democratic Party event after campaigning in New Mexico but skipping his first-ever presidential trip to the border. Few of his detractors thought he would finally do something about the crime surge there and everywhere else in the nation.

Political analyst for Fox News Caldwell told anchor Neil Cavuto, “This isn’t just my signature problem. “According to a survey by Gallup, more Americans believe that crime has increased in their communities this year than they have in the previous 50 years. And that applies to the entire nation. If you look at the past year in Chicago, crime rose to its greatest level in twenty-five years.”

Homicide rates in Chicago, according to Caldwell, were far higher than those in New York and Los Angeles—by 250% in the case of the City of Angels.

“In light of that, why wouldn’t President Biden discuss a subject that is so crucially vital and affects so many people? This is not a Democrat or Republican issue. It has to do with humanity. Additionally, a record number of individuals are passing away “He continued, blaming Democrats for their bail reform and defunding of the police in states like New York and Illinois.

“They must admit that they were mistaken. Because they won’t, whether it be Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, or even the residents of the city of Chicago, we must shift course “, he added.

On election day, Caldwell predicted a Republican comeback that would propel California congressman Kevin McCarthy into the speakership.


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