Bodycam Footage Unveils Bill Bidwill Jr Bloodied Domestic Dispute!

Bodycam footage from June 9th at his house shows Bill Bidwill Jr., the brother of current owner Michael Bidwill and former executive with the Arizona Cardinals, covered in blood after being struck “a hundred times” by his wife.

Authorities discovered Bidwill bleeding outside his Paradise Valley, Arizona, home following his fight with his wife, Nicole. He claimed that she was upset that he wasn’t home when the carpet was installed.

“I’m sitting on the couch, and she’s screaming at me,” according to police video obtained by FOX News. Bidwill can be heard saying. “And I was trying to not escalate because she has a very bad temper.”

“And then she started hitting me, and I just started defending myself.”

Bodycam Footage Unveils Bill Bidwill Jr Bloodied Domestic Dispute!

Bidwill claimed that during the encounter, a glass of beer struck him in the head. He added that, though he wasn’t sure what it was, she hit him in the head with something else.

Bidwill continued by stating that when he attempted to leave the house, his wife grabbed hold of his shirt and wouldn’t let go. He acknowledged hitting her arms in an attempt to move her away from him.

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Bidwill was being questioned by an officer who told him that he had to arrest her at the house because, according to his account, there were domestic abuse and assault charges will be brought against him. Still, Bidwill did not want his wife to go to jail since “she is not going to tolerate that well.”

“Can you do me a favor? Can you arrest me instead?” Bidwill added.

Nicole Bidwill is seen on the hood of a car in the driveway in another bodycam footage. Despite repeated demands for her to be allowed to walk, officers had to carry Nicole Bidwill to the squad car after handcuffing her.

Son Bill Bidwill Sr., who owned the Cardinals from 1962 until he died in 2019 at the age of 88, had been the team’s vice president under his father’s ownership. Bidwill Jr. Michael Bidwill currently controls the team; Bidwill Jr. is no longer associated with the group.

Nicole Bidwill is not associated with the group either.

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