Anti-Woke Texas Bank Goes Bust After Three Months

After less than three months in business, the Texas-based fintech company GloriFi, which billed itself as an “anti-woke” alternative for “pro-freedom” Americans, has filed for bankruptcy.

According to the Wall Street Journal, GloriFi provided bank accounts and credit cards, as well as mortgages and insurance, while promoting capitalism, family, law enforcement, and the freedom to “love God and country.”


Co-founder and spokeswoman for GloriFi was the conservative broadcaster Candace Owens, and the company was financed by Donald Trump supporter Peter Thiel.

The entire GloriFi website has been taken down, and clients are now receiving a letter outlining the causes of the collapse and what will happen to their monies.

“Plumbers, electricians, and police officers,” who “are fed up with giant banks that don’t share their principles,” were the focus of the Texas-based bank’s advertising campaign.

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