Following Trump’s Meeting With White Supremacists, His Major 2024 Opponents Went Silent

In response to dinner, the former president had with a well-known white supremacist. Many of Donald Trump‘s potential opponents in 2024 and some prominent Republicans have remained silent. Highlighting the party’s ongoing struggle to break free of his control.

Only a few Republicans condemned Trump’s spontaneous dinner with Nick Fuentes at Mar-a-Lago last week. While the majority have avoided the topic or said nothing. Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis, Kevin McCarthy, and the head of the House minority, Mitch McConnell. The leader of the Senate minority, and former Vice President Mike Pence. Who is likely to succeed John Boehner as House Speaker, are among those who have so far remained silent.

Former New Jersey governor Chris Christie. Who is rumor to be considering a run in 2024, told the New York Times. That Trump’s actions demonstrated an “awful lack of judgment” and that, when coupled with other infractions, would render him “untenable as a general election candidate for the Republican Party in 2024.”

Fuentes visited Mar-a-Lago as a guest of Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, who has angered sponsors and social media with his anti-Semitic comments. Fuentes frequently expresses white supremacist and anti-Semitic views. David Friedman, Trump’s former ambassador to Israel, referred to Fuentes as “human scum” and urged the president to denounce both men.

On Sunday’s “State of the Union” on CNN, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson described it as “very troubling” and urged Republicans to reject antisemitism.

Another potential 2024 candidate, Hutchinson, disagreed: “I don’t think meeting with an openly racist or anti-Semitic person is a wise move for a leader who is leading by example party or the nation.” Republican Representative James Comer of Kentucky said that Trump “certainly needs better judgment in who he dines with” on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”


Ronna McDaniel, the chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, criticized the gathering without mentioning Trump. White supremacy, neo-Nazism, hate speech, and bigotry, she said in a statement, “are disgusting and do not have a home in the Republican Party.”

Former secretary of state and potential 2024 candidate Mike Pompeo denounced antisemitism without elaborating on his motivation. He tweeted, “Antisemitism is cancer. “We support the Jewish people in their struggle against the oldest form of prejudice in the world.”

Trump attempted to put the meeting out of his mind by claiming he was unaware that Ye would bring Fuentes. On November 15, the former president declared his candidacy for a second term. The former president continues to strongly influence the party, making Republican efforts to move on uncertain.

DeSantis has recently avoided direct conflict with Trump even when the former president has attacked him head-on because the 2024 race is still shaping up. The offices of Pence, McConnell, and McCarthy declined to comment on a request for information over the weekend, and neither did the Florida governor’s office.

US President A reporter questioned Joe Biden regarding the Mar-a-Lago meeting. Biden has claimed that Trump’s failure to denounce a 2017 white nationalist demonstration in Charlottesville inspired him to run for president.

During a family vacation, Biden said while shopping in Nantucket, Massachusetts, “You don’t want to hear what I think.”

A White House spokesman criticized the meeting earlier on Saturday. According to spokesman Andrew Bates, “bigotry, hate, and antisemitism have no place in America — including at Mar-A-Lago.” Holocaust denial must vehemently condemn. Because it is disgusting and dangerous.

Other Democrats have denounced the meeting, with some accusing Republicans of being largely apathetic.

Sen. Chris Murphy, a Democrat from Connecticut, tweeted that “most Republicans will say zero about their leader meeting with a white supremacist leader.”

The America First Foundation, which supports “Christian, traditionalist, and American nationalism-based conservative values,” was founded by Fuentes. According to the New York Times, Fuentes is a Holocaust denier. Who recently demanded that Jews be expelled from the country. His podcast called for the deployment of the military into Black communities.

According to Trump, West visited him to seek his opinion.

Trump claimed on his social media site, Truth Social, “We got along great. He expressed no antisemitism.” Additionally, I was unaware of Nick Fuentes

Ye claimed that Fuentes impressed Trump in a video that was published later.

So, Nick Fuentes has impressed Trump, Ye said. And Nick Fuentes is a loyalist, unlike most attorneys. Other supporters, he was left with for his 2020 campaign.

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