Anndel Taylor, a Woman From North Carolina, was Killed when She was Stranded During a Snowfall near Buffalo, New York

The snowstorm that hit Buffalo, New York, over Thanksgiving weekend is being held responsible for the death of a woman from North Carolina. Andel Taylor, 22, of Charlotte, was returning home from work in Buffalo when her car became mired in the snow.

After her father became ill, Taylor uprooted to New York to care for him, so the story goes. Taylor’s relatives think she spent at least 18 hours in the car before she died. According to her family, her death comes just days before her 23rd birthday and during the holiday season.

Taylor told her family that she had called 911 and was waiting for emergency responders, but they never arrived

“Everyone who tried to reach her ended up in a bind. There was a complete stalemate between the fire department, police, and everyone else.” Tomeshia Brown, Taylor’s sister, revealed this information.

In a group chat, Taylor reportedly informed her family that the snow was piling up fast and showed them a video of the snow covering her car windows. She revealed her apprehension to her loved ones.

Taylor’s mother, Wanda Brown Steele, has stated that her son died from exposure to carbon monoxide. The snow continued to fall while the automobile ran, eventually blocking the exhaust pipe. Steele stated that her daughter intended to ride out the storm in her bed, after which she would walk home.

Mark Poloncarz, the executive of New York’s Erie County, indicated that some people perished because rescuers could not reach them in time due to delays caused by the storm.


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