The Death Toll from the Historic Winter Storm that hit Western New York Continues Rising

After burying locals in feet of snow over the holiday weekend and continuing to dump snow through Tuesday, a catastrophic blizzard has left most of western New York inaccessible. A catastrophic blizzard that began over the holiday weekend and continued through Tuesday has left most of western New York inaccessible.

The mayor of Buffalo reported seven more deaths connected to the snow on Tuesday morning, bringing the total number of deaths in the area to 31. As more of the city becomes accessible, officials are concerned that it will continue to rise.

Everyone must pitch in to help clean up the streets and their neighborhoods. State troopers on snowmobiles have started delivering food and bottled water to individuals who still can’t leave their houses, while personnel of the National Guard, military police, and first responders from all over the region are also on the scene.

According to the police, they have received over a thousand 911 calls from motorists who became stuck

With over 100 inches of snowfall this season, the city has officially set a new record for the quickest time it has ever reached that level. Heavier-than-normal machinery is being employed to clear snow from residential streets.

Dr. Kathleen Dyson, who lives in Orchard Park, New York, just south of Buffalo, where they received around six and a half feet of snow, says she and her family have been lucky than most since they have not been stranded at home and can get to essential supplies and medical care.

The military continues to strictly enforce the restriction on driving in Buffalo. On Friday, Mayor Byron Brown restricted driving to only individuals who are essential to public safety and have been given special permission to travel in case of an emergency. Dyson reported that they had resumed travel and are now based in Orchard Park.

Dyson stated, “Some of us are plowed out, and we can get out.” Nonetheless, “some victims are still stuck in their houses and unable to get out at this point.” It’s putting people in harm’s way, especially those who rely on medication. Dyson works in pediatrics and has observed that some families have difficulty obtaining the care they require.

The timing is terrible since respiratory illnesses are spreading rapidly across the country It was challenging over the weekend since we are seeing a lot of respiratory illnesses like RSV, the flu, and COVID.

The parents were trapped at home and had no way to escape. “They didn’t have any breathing pills,” Dyson added. We had to resort to tried-and-true methods like, “Open up your medicine cabinet and check what’s in there.” Dyson claims this storm is the most severe she has ever experienced.


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