Weekend Weather Alert: Major Storm System to Bring Heavy Rainfall to California

This weekend, a major storm system coming toward California is likely to dump several inches of rain to the north and an inch or more in the south.

“This is a major storm,” KTLA meteorologist Henry DiCarlo stated.

Although most of the rain will fall in the Pacific Northwest and Northern California, Southern California is expected to receive a significant quantity.

“If you like rain, you’ll love the weekend,” Henry added.

The storm is predicted to deliver showers late Friday and Saturday.

“It should be out of here by Sunday, but some rain will linger,” Henry said.

The prognosis may alter in the coming days, “but I think Saturday’s a wet day,” Henry stated.

Weekend Weather Alert Major Storm System to Bring Heavy Rainfall to California

The National Weather Service predicts 0.33 to 1.5 inches of rain in the prediction area from Thursday night to Sunday morning.

According to the Weather Service, the mountain and foothill areas will receive the most rainfall, with up to 1.75 inches expected in the eastern San Gabriel Mountains.

The most notable difference between this storm and one that swept through the Southland earlier this month will be its lower temperature.

“This will likely be the coldest airmass we’ve had in some time,” the Weather Service stated.

Look at the tweet that we have provided to you below:

Snow levels are forecast to reach around 6,000 feet through Friday night before dropping to almost 3,000 feet early Sunday morning.

The Weather Service warned that frost and freeze are probable.

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