A Naked Man Found Inside the Wall Of A New York Theatre

A man has been rescued from a theatre in New York after being trapped within its walls for many hours.

About 07:30 local time (11:30 GMT), firefighters were called to an apartment building after someone banged on the wall and pleaded for help.

The man is believed to have spent two days in a crawlspace.

He was found naked by rescuers who broke into the theatre, local media reported.

Currently, the man is receiving treatment at a nearby hospital.

The Syracuse Fire Department posted a statement on their Facebook page expressing uncertainty as to how he gained access to the crawlspace behind the wall.

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However, during a recent interview with Syracuse.com, a local news outlet, Landmark Theatre director Mike Intaglietta confirmed that a man was seen wandering about the theater earlier this week.

As Mr. Intaglietta recalled, employees who saw him assumed he had left, however, the man had lost track of his location.

“I don’t know if he was entering to keep warm or to use the bathroom. I don’t know,” he said.

Local US media reported that Deputy Chief John Kane, from the Syracuse fire department, said a man had hidden in a crawlspace for two days.

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He became trapped after falling inside the wall of the male bathrooms of the theatre, the deputy told.

The man is not expected to be charged or identified since police say he appears to be suffering from a mental illness.

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