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After 20 Months Closure, US Finally Reopens Its Borders to Travelers


Following a 20-month entry ban, the United States has reopened its borders to double-jabbed foreigners.

Due to Covid-19, former President Donald Trump imposed the ban.

Thousands of non-US citizens, including those from the UK and EU, have been affected, resulting in family separation and halting of tourism.

As a result of the lifting of restrictions for fully vaccinated individuals who undergo testing and contact tracing, airlines expect a flood of visitors.

“It feels good, it feels good!” Jerome Thomann, head of Jetset Voyages explained to Reuters news agency, saying his crew had noticed an “incredible upturn” in bookings.

In early 2020, US border crossings were initially closed to visitors from China to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

Later, additional countries faced similar restrictions just as China.

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China, India, South Africa, Iran, and Brazil were among the countries whose citizens have been barred from entering the US due to the rules.

In the new regulations, foreign travelers will be required to present proof of vaccination before flying.

Additionally, travelers are required to get a negative Covid-19 result and provide their contact information within three days of departure.

Quarantine will not apply to travelers who supply the latter document, however, those who do not provide the required document will face quarantine.

A 63-year-old mother, Alison Henry, said to AFP: “It’s been very hard. I just want to see my son.”

Her first visit to her son in April is scheduled to take place on Monday when she flies to New York.

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Fully vaccinated individuals will also be able to travel to neighboring countries Canada and Mexico.

The newly-loosened immigration rules have spurred a large influx of migrants to Mexico’s border with the US.

Thousands of migrants, primarily from Central America, have crossed to Oaxaca from Chiapas, in southern Mexico.

Many of these migrants have the goal of reaching the border and entering the United States.

Various communities are spreading false information about the new rules, according to the Migrant Alliance Group, an advocacy group based in Mexico

This includes the belief that asylum seekers would now receive better treatment at the border.

Business owners along the Mexican border hope for a boost after struggling under overwhelming restrictions imposed by America.

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It is expected that United Airlines’ international inbound passengers will rise by 50% in the coming days.

Delta CEO Ed Bastian, on the other hand, said travelers should prepare for long queues and lines.

Mr. Bastian explained that: “It’s going to be a bit sloppy at first. I can assure you, there will be lines, unfortunately.”

Earlier, travels from the US into the EU were recommended by the EU in June.

Travel to the UK from the US has been permitted since 28 July however. To get the latest updates and news please stay tuned with The East County Gazette.

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