Delta Commits $1 Billion To Become The First Carbon-Neutral Airline

Toward its goal of mitigating all its global business emissions, Delta Air Lines plans to invest over $1 billion over the next 10 years starting March 1, 2020.

As a giant airline corporation, it will invest in accelerating the decrease of carbon emissions and waste, and in advancing clean air travel technologies.

More importantly, new mitigation projects will be developed by the airline to reduce emissions.

“There is no substitute for the power that travel has to connect people, which our world needs today more than ever before. As we connect customers around the globe, it is our responsibility to deliver on our promise to bring people together and ensure the utmost care for our environment,” explained Ed Bastian, Delta’s CEO.

“The time is now to accelerate our investments and establish an ambitious commitment that the entire Delta team will deliver.”

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The American airline, Delta, has used the same focus and rigor to build a financially secure brand as its approach to reducing carbon emissions and sustainability.

As part of its recent announcement, Delta is providing a profit share to employees worth $1.6 billion on Valentine’s Day.

Furthermore, this highlights its commitment to supporting all stakeholders and communities worldwide as part of its longstanding approach.

“There’s no challenge we face that is in greater need of innovation than environmental sustainability, and we know there is no single solution. We are digging deep into the issues, examining every corner of our business, engaging experts, building coalitions, fostering partnerships, and driving innovation,” Bastian announced.

“We are on a journey, and though we don’t have all the answers today, we know that our scale, along with investments of time, talent and resources will bring meaningful impact to the planet and ensure the sustainability of our business for decades to come.”

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About 2 percent of global CO2 emissions are emitted by the aviation industry.

98 percent of Delta’s emissions come from its aircraft, which has the largest carbon footprint.

As part of its efforts to become carbon neutral, the company is focused on the following:

Carbon reduction: Delta’s carbon footprint will be reduced by reducing jet fuel usage and increasing efficiency across the entire company. It will focus on a fleet renewal program, increased development of sustainable aviation fuels, improved flight operations, and weight reduction.

Carbon removal: The airline plans to invest in innovative projects and technology that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions beyond the airline’s current commitments. As part of its project, researchers will investigate opportunities to remove carbon from the atmosphere through forestry, wetlands restoration, grassland conservation, marine and soil capture, and other negative emission technologies.

Stakeholder engagement: The aviation giant is also seeking coalitions with its employees, suppliers, global partners, customers, industry colleagues, investors, and other stakeholders. In this way, it will maximize global impact, reduce carbon emissions, and wipe out carbon from the atmosphere.

“When customers choose to fly Delta, they should feel they’re making a statement about taking care of our planet,” Bastian said.

“Our commitment to carbon neutrality means flying with Delta represents far more than a great travel experience – it’s about joining arms to create a better world.”

Delta’s investment will generate a series of new projects and ways to reduce Delta’s carbon footprint, resulting in a more sustainable planet.

Delta’s carbon strategy will take all aspects of its operations into account, including emissions in the air and on the ground.

In addition to reducing reliance on today’s limited carbon offset markets, this investment may also lead to other organizations exploring similar options to reduce their carbon footprints.

As part of its industry-leading voluntary sustainability efforts, Delta is working towards carbon neutrality and investing $1 billion in the process.

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Using Delta’s Environmental Sustainability Principles, the airline plans to work toward achieving carbon neutrality and becoming more sustainable overall. its principles include:

Action: Using the tools of today to make continuous progress as it strives for global progress.

Innovation: Exploring, enabling and advancing new technologies, innovative projects, and effective operational approaches to reduce emissions substantially.

Collaboration: Establishing a shared goal of environmental protection among employees, suppliers, partners, customers, investors, and other stakeholders.

Evolution: The ability to adapt and evolve according to the latest scientific discoveries.

Transparency: To continue to publicly report on its progress and achievements and also track its efforts and progress.

Delta plans showcase its progress and commitment through a number of milestones, which Delta will publicly share when the program launches.

In terms of products, services, innovation, reliability, and customer experience, Delta is the global airline leader with over 90,000 employees worldwide.

In 2012, Delta became the first and only U.S. airline to cap greenhouse gas emissions at that level.

As part of a plan to increase fuel efficiency, Delta added 80 new aircraft in 2019 with an increased fuel efficiency of 25 percent.

For more than a decade now, Delta has been working towards more sustainable air travel.

For this commitment to sustainable aviation fuel research and development, Delta partnered with Northwest Advanced Biofuels and Gevo.

Global Citizen, an international advocacy group, has also partnered with Delta Airlines for Global Goal Live, which enables match United Nations Sustainable Development Goals such as gender equality and human capital.

According to Barron’s in 2020, Delta ranked number one among America’s Most Sustainable Companies.

Moreso, Delta was given the Vision for America award by Keep America Beautiful and the Superhero Corporate Award by the Captain Planet Foundation.

For nine consecutive years, Delta has also been ranked in the Dow Jones Sustainability North America Index and in the FTSE4Good Index too for five consecutive years. To read more news like this please stay tuned with The East County Gazette.

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