3 Cops Had ‘Inappropriate’ Relationship With A Young Woman. Pregnant Woman Took Her Life Days After One Ended It

Radar has learned that a police department is under fire after an internal investigation. Officers had a problematic relationship with a young woman who later died.

The report, released recently, chastised the officers for their actions.

“I am here today to talk about her life and how she was betrayed, manipulated, and exploited by people in positions of authority whom she admired and trusted up until her final days,” Stoughton Police Chief Donna McNamara said at a recent press conference.

The investigation lasted 19 months and focused on a woman McNamara called a “vulnerable person” who looked up to those in uniform.

When Sandra Birchmore became pregnant, she was 23 years old. They committed suicide in February 2021.

Birchmore joined the Stoughton Police Department’s youth explorers program when she was 13 years old. Through the program, she met officer Matthew Ferrell. They began having an inappropriate relationship two years later, according to officials.

“Over several years, the investigation uncovered hundreds of digital messages and explicit exchanges between Matthew Farwell and [the woman,” McNamara said.

That relationship lasted until an argument ended just before Bichmore’s suicide.

According to police, Farwell’s twin brothers, William Farwell, Robert Devine, and at least one other officer, had relationships with the woman.

Officials stated that some of the interactions with William Farwell occurred while he was on duty.

The unnamed officer has since relocated, but McNamara told CBS Boston that she gave the information to that agency. He has been granted leave in that location.

The three Stoughton police officers have resigned from their positions. However, McNamara recommended that the state revoke its certification to serve as Massachusetts police officers.

In this case, no criminal charges have been filed.

After being inactive for several years, The Department explorer application was shut down.

“A person wearing a badge in this community will work hard to regain the trust of our citizens. We will be educated and re-educated on the meaning and significance of our oath.

Anyone who violates that sacred responsibility will face the consequences. “According to CBS Boston, McNamara stated.

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