West Pullman man shot by Chicago Police Officer during confrontation

According to the Chicago Police Department, a man was shot in hand following an altercation with officers on Wednesday night in the West Pullman area.

The incident reportedly took place on Wednesday around the corner from 127th Street and Wentworth.

A 52-year-old guy, armed with a shotgun, emerged from a house at around 5:25 p.m. and opened fire on a 47-year-old male, killing him.

According to the police, the man went back inside the house, collected a weapon, and then returned to the scene.

After that, he walked down a street and was immediately met by Chicago police. When he pointed it at another person at the scene, despite their orders to drop the weapon, the police opened fire, wounding the suspect in hand.

Both the suspect and the victim were sent to local hospitals, where they are receiving treatment for non-life-threatening injuries.

According to department rules, the officers who fired their weapons will be placed on routine administrative duty for 30 days, and the Civilian Office of Police Accountability will conduct an investigation into the incident.

Source: NBC Chicago

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