Victory in Illinois 6th District, Owned by Rep. Sean Casten

Sean Casten, the incumbent Democrat for Illinois’ 6th Congressional District, accepted his opponent Keith Pekau’s concession call late Tuesday. A backlash against then-President Donald Trump helped Democrats win control of the House of Representatives in 2018, the same year that Sean Casten was first elected to Congress.

Weeks after the murder of his 17-year-old daughter Gwen, the climate scientist-turned-politician won the Democratic primary in June, unseating incumbent Marie Newman. Casten has been vocal about her support for reproductive freedom while campaigning.

Casten remarked on Election Day that he is confident in his ability to communicate with his constituents

Casten remarked on Election Day that he is confident in his ability to communicate with his constituents despite being unfamiliar with many of them. Orland Park Mayor and Republican challenger Keith Pekau ran against Casten.

The 6th Congressional District race was watched closely across the country because it was one of many suburban contests that may affect the balance of power in Washington. Pekau expressed his anticipation for the national attention and confidence in his ability to return to the district to read in the days leading up to Election Day.

Days before the election, Kevin McCarthy, the leader of the House minority party, came to help with his campaign. When asked about his platform, Pekau remarked, “I focus on the problems people care about, which are the economy and public safety.”

“And [Casten] concentrates on a topic that is not the top priority for most people. People are worried about the rising cost of living, including the price of gas ($5), food ($4 for a dozen eggs and a loaf of bread), safety of their families ($5 for a gun).”

While Pekau has focused his campaign on the economy and crime, he has been vocal in his opposition to governor Pritzker’s mask and vaccine regulations. “I’ve done what had to be done to curb inflation in the community: reduce spending. I’ve slashed that in the community so we can put more effort into vital infrastructures like roads and parks, “Says Pekau. “and criminal activity. No one can dispute my track record. The crime rate is at its lowest point in 27 years.”

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