Two Suspects in Custody After Fatal Shooting of Sleeping Woman in Oakland

A mother was shot and murdered more than two months ago while sleeping in her Oakland home by a stray bullet, and it is alleged that two arrests have been made in relation to her death.

Tramonn Gray, 32, is the suspect in jail, according to the East Bay Times. Murder is the charge against him. In the city’s Laurel District, on September 15, a shooting took place on 38th Avenue close to Masterson Street.

Facebook post shared by Oakland Tribune:

Authorities claim that Wing Wong, a 42-year-old mother of two and longtime local, was killed when a gunshot went through the house across the street. That evening, bullets echoed across MacArthur Boulevard and 38th, while Anthony Pawlowicz was inside the adjacent Laurel Lounge.

Earlier that day everybody was kind of nervous because there was a bunch of guys hanging out gathering their weapons, figured it was a retaliatory thing or something between factions,” he explained. “My friend walked by me he said they got hella guns over there.”

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According to the East Bay Times, a second suspect in the fatal shooting was also taken into custody for illegally carrying a firearm.

A few days following the incident, locals united and declared their intention to prevent violence from taking over their community.

Longtime Laurel District resident Chaz Walker talked vehemently about the need for action.

My friend’s wife is dead. Oakland has been grappling with violence issues, but in the Laurel, we were somewhat insulated because we’re a tight-knit community. Regardless of your race or economic status, we all work together around here,” Walker remarked.

Walker has been a resident of the Laurel District for more than 20 years, and he lives a few yards from the residence where the terrible event took place.

We need to set an example for the rest of the city. We need to show how we can come together, support the grieving family, but also understand that it’s not enough. We must pool our resources and create the conditions to prevent such tragedies from happening,” he said.

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