This Viral Designer’s Handbags Look Like Real Food

When I initially noticed a preview of this TikTok of what seemed like an average roll of bread, I had to do a repeated shot. I saw it had above 1.7 million views and was like, “WAIT, WHAT?” I thought, compelled to see more.

That’s when I understood that this was not, in fact, a roll of bread — it was a PURSE! If you’re fascinated, join the designer behind it: Rommy Kuperus, the originator and owner of Rommydebommy. 

The 30-year-old full-time designer and bag artist are from the Netherlands, and her eye grasping works have made her approximately 274,000 followers on TikTok as she began posting on the app in June of this year.

Rommy created these purses for years and made up a following on social media apps like Instagram. Presently, these TikToks showcasing the method of presenting her food-themed purses have been becoming viral. “I began my business eight years before. 

When I commenced on TikTok, I gained a lot of brand-new followers and fans,” she stated. “I am feeling thankful! In the Netherlands, I don’t have several followers; most of my fans are from the USA. In common, they like creation more than the Netherlands.”

Of course, the plan for these handbags originated from Rommy’s desire for food. “As I was little, I was completely obsessed with food. 

Not so how it tastes, but more so how it seems,” she stated. “All those diverse shapes and colors you see in the market store are marvelous.” “It always seems like I’m driving in an art gallery when I’m walking throughout in a market store. I began creating food encouraged accessories when I couldn’t get them in shops and online shops.”

Her purses come in a kind of food, and it simply becomes better and better. Rommy further provided more insight into her profession, as she points to get inquiries regarding the pricing and method. 

Process Of Making Food Like Handbags Explained

“Overall, the feedback I receive is positive; only the more fashionable generation doesn’t know the costs. My handbags are 100% handmade, and each piece is formed and decorated with my own hands, which needs a lot of time and accuracy. 

It is a one lady business, and I am doing all part by myself. You can guess how many hours that will need.” “The stuff I am often using is white clay, which I join by myself. 

Then it requires to air-dry for at least a week before I can get it hollow from the center, and after that, it needs to drain for another week before I can brush it.” “After painting, it will take a couple of finish protection coats. The final part is the handmade filling, patching, and adding the hardware to the purse.”

Rommy appreciates thinking outside the box about style, and she’s brought fellow foodies who like unique accessories. “The people who purchase my purses are not scared to stand out!” she announced. “Why can’t it be a case formed like a banana or a burger?”

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