US Valet Gets Food Delivery Order From 1,000 Km Away, His Hilarious Reaction is Viral

Getting food delivery services at home is a pleasure. Hence, one request from a client left a delivery rider confused. Online food delivery programs have surely made our lives simple. We can immediately order our favorite food from also faraway restaurants. 

While a range of 10-15 kilometers for such deliveries is yet confirmed, a delivery valet got a request from across a thousand kilometers apart. 

Sharing the matter in a TikTok video, Kaelum Grant, from Ohio in the USA, announced a DoorDash delivery offer from Rhode Island, about 741.1 miles or 1192 km apart.

TikTok user Kaelum Grant, from the US country of Ohio, stated that he got a DoorDash delivery offer from Rhode Island – which is about 741.1 miles apart.

If Kaelum did the day-long road tour, he’d get only $9.25 (Rs 694).

As anticipated, Kaelum was not relevant to go on the adventure tour. He responded to the delivery request in a TikTok video in which he attached a letter for the Rhode Island client.

“If you are in Rhode Island and you simply ordered the Godavari off DoorDash, get a sandwich ’cause you ain’t gonna get your meal, your food is not coming tonight,” he stated. “That food is as safe as going. Skip it, ain’t nobody taking that food. 

Are they attempting to send me on a trip of 741.1 miles for $9.25? I should’ve arrived with the best hook with me; oh my god,” Kaelum continued. What was more shocking was the expected delivery time the app recommended.

“Deliver by 9.53 pm, when Wednesday? It’s not moving to be tonight – what are you speaking about at 9.53 pm? Do you not identify the distance? That’s stupid, bro,” Kaelum stated.

But the delivery request was not the single point that surprised Kaelum. The delivery servant was also more shocked with the delivery time, which suggested that the order be delivered by 9:53 pm on a corresponding night.

Kaelum’s TikTok post Become Famous.

Kaelum’s TikTok post has cracked the internet and got over 4.5 million views forward with approximately 1.5 million likes. Responding to the clip, TikTok users showed their shock at the strange delivery request and shared their ideas of how this goof-up occurred. 

While the user recommended that the client was drunk while ordering the food, another stated they should have skipped editing the VPN or the delivery location from their holiday in Ohio.

The post has become viral, earning more than 1.3 million likes. Netizens asked how Kaelum finished up getting the order. One user stated, “They try to send you on a road journey.” 

A person asked, “How did they also let them order.” Yet another advised, “They’re apparently on holiday and simply forgot to edit the address.”

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