Third Dose of COVID-19 may be Advised – Kern County Public Health

In a press release, Kern County Public Health services reportedly advise a third shot after the usual two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine for people who are at higher risk especially those immunocompromised.

Others who qualify for a third shot are organ transplant recipients, cancer patients, and other patients taking certain immunosuppressive medications. Kern County Public Health says they will begin administering the third dose as soon as possible.

This is also endorsed by new FDA rules which states that people who received the first two doses of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine may be eligible for a third dose.

The FDA also says that the third dose may be administered 28 days after being given the second dose of the vaccine.

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However, a follow-up dose is not recommended for those who received the Janssen (Johnson and Johnson) vaccine, which is only given once.

Make an appointment at the nearest vaccination site or find out if you or a family member is eligible for a third dose by going to or

Stay safe and get vaccinated!

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