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How to Conveniently Digitize Your Your COVID Vaccination Card

The COVID-19 situation has greatly affected not just China, but the whole world. It has not slowed down as the delta plus variant has been keeping cities and businesses in tight check of their COVID-19 safety protocols.

How the World Fights Back

The most recent development to mitigate the effects of the virus in people is the implementation of vaccination efforts.

Different vaccines have been developed and countries are currently scurrying to have the majority of their citizens vaccinated.

Most business establishments are requiring proof of vaccination before allowing you to enter. States like New York and San Francisco are also requiring this for entry.

Businesses like gyms, restaurants, bars and other indoor event venues are also starting to make this a requirement.

So, how long will the small paper that you got after getting vaccinated last from all that wear and tear?

What if it’s damaged, misplaced, or lost?

How would you be able to enter such an establishment if that piece of paper is gone?

That piece of paper card you received after vaccination suffices as proof of vaccination. At present, CDC is not keeping tabs or storing your information pertaining to your vaccination status.

On the upside, there is no standard way to show proof of your vaccination card. Right now, there is no national system or any application that allows you to present proof of vaccination from your phone.

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But across the US and the rest of the world, companies, developers, and communities are making it easier to store and display your COVID-19 vaccination card.

It is advisable to ask your vaccination site how they can help if you lose your card. There is no standard procedure at present, but they should be able to help you replace it.

Taking a clear front and back picture of your vaccination card and saving it properly on your phone will help. It is recommended to make a new album and have only that vaccination card image there, or mark it as your Favorite.

Some states like New York, California, and Colorado offer some form of digital vaccination card. Colorado has myColorado app which allows you to add your myVaccine record on the app after you create an account and verify by adding a digital driver’s license.

California, on the other hand, requires you to fill out a form to verify your identity. You will then receive a text message or an email with a QR code link that you can save to your phone. When scanned, the code will offer proof of vaccination.

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