These Colorado Routes Are Closed Due to Excessive Mountain Snowfall

Heavy snow and strong winds blew across the Colorado high country on Sunday, leaving slick roads and poor visibility.

The Colorado Department of Transportation has closed some roadways for various reasons, including safety.

CDOT said on Saturday that safety closures will likely occur through Sunday as a result of the impending storm, particularly along the Interstate 70 corridor.

The National Weather Service said there were some signs that the heaviest snowfall could hit the Interstate 70 area.

This, along with severe gusts, could result in whiteout conditions and zero visibility in certain areas.

According to CDOT, drivers should prepare for slick conditions in the highlands and ensure that their cars are storm-ready.

FOX31 will give updates throughout the day as events unfold.

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Road Closures in Colorado

The following roads were closed as of 9:20 p.m.:

  • U.S. Highway 6 was blocked in both ways at Loveland Pass owing to safety concerns between Mile Point 222 and I-70.
  • Colorado Highway 14 was blocked in both directions owing to safety concerns between US 40 and Eagle Drive from Mile Point 0 to Mile Point 32.
  • U.S. Highway 34 was closed in both directions between County Roads 29 and 27 due to road debris.
  • A crash has caused Colorado Highway 91 to be closed in both directions between Canterbury Lane and County Road 91A.

These Colorado Routes Are Closed Due to Excessive Mountain Snowfall

Roads that were previously listed have now reopened.

CDOT invites users to use its COtrip website to assess current road and traffic conditions.

The passenger car traction law was in effect on many high rural roads.

The law mandates all passenger vehicles on authorized roads to have acceptable vehicle traction.

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