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There are Billions of Dollars in Stimulus Money Available for your Mortgage or Rent


Have you been feeling the sting of inflation as your bills keep going up? Here’s some good news for people who need help paying their rent or mortgage.

A total of $46.6 billion was set aside in the last two COVID stimulus packages passed by Congress to help renters pay their back rent and utility bills (source).

As of now, the United States Department of the Treasury reports that approximately $25 billion to $30 billion of the aid has been paid out (source). However, if you do the math, you will discover that there is still $21.5 billion available to you.

In order for these programs to work, the federal government transfers money to hundreds of state and local organizations.

Almost all of the funds go to renters, but those with mortgages can also apply for funds.

Alternatives for Renters

For renters looking for financial assistance in California, there are several options available. You can, for instance, access the CA COVID-19 Rent Relief program. According to Newsbreak, the program offers rental assistance to eligible renters and landlords whose rent is unpaid as a result of COVID-19. You can apply at that website, click here to apply. For the program, in California, you can apply for the money to help with your rent at over 50 different places. They are most often separated by county.

Other Options If You Have A Mortgage

For those with mortgages, you can go here to learn more about mortgage assistance programs. You can go here if you know your situation is temporary and short-term. You can go here if your situation is long-term. In order to apply, you’ll need your monthly mortgage statement, details about any other mortgages on your property, two recent pay stubs (or a quarterly profit and loss statement for those self-employed) and more (source).

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