Password Sharing on Netflix is Now Prohibited

When streaming or subscribing to a service, whether it is Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc., it is common practice to share the account. Instead of each person in your friend group paying $18/month, you could share an account and pay a fraction of the price or not pay anything. Companies like Netflix used to make this as easy as pie, but now they are banning password sharing.

According to Newsbreak, Netflix is cracking down on password sharing, introducing extra fees for extra profiles that are not streaming from the same location. For example, if you, your sister and your best friend live in three different places while using Netflix password sharing, you will have to pay the Netflix subscription base fee (like normal) and 2 extra sub-account fees.

Following this new update, Chile, Peru, and Costa Rica have tested this slowly. Several users have shown they don’t like this change because they are used to sharing accounts with friends and family members.

A Twitter user explained:

“Netflix will lose a lot of customers if they do this password sharing crackdown they plan to do,”

Netflix will be introducing password sharing globally in the near future, so there is still some time to take advantage of password sharing.

Meanwhile NPR says:

Users who don’t pay will be able to transfer their profiles to their own accounts, retaining customizations like My List, viewing history and recommendations Netflix makes.

You’ve heard about this coming update but how do you feel about this? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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