Who’s Hiring event Uncover ways for women to Access High-paying Jobs in Petrochemicals

There are many jobs available in petrochemical plants, and ABC13 has a way to help women find them.

The 2022 Women in Industry Conference takes place Thursday at Moody Gardens in Galveston. This event features a number of petrochemical plants.

Women are being introduced to oil and gas jobs by the companies. Currently, women hold less than 5% of those positions.

The full video of the job fair can be viewed here.

You can find out more about ABC13 even if you can’t attend the conference. ABC13 partners with Workforce Solutions each week to host a virtual job fair at 10:00 a.m.

Participants can apply for jobs during the half-hour event. It is important to know that the participating companies are hiring quickly.

$24 an hour is the going rate for some of the jobs.

Participants can also call an ABC13 hotline to talk to a recruiter about adult education, jobs, and child care assistance in addition to applying for jobs. The phone number is 713-243-6663.

For a look at available positions, visit Workforce Solutions’ website, and look on the “as seen on ABC13” page.

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