The Violence Prevention Group Patrols the CTA for Safety

The public’s focus on crimes committed on CTA property has prompted local activist Tyrone Muhammad and his organisation to take action.

It’s reached a breaking point, and we’ve had enough of it,” he added. We need to take whatever steps we can to ensure their safety for as long as possible.

CTA Red Line

Ex-Cons Leading Change is an organisation that Muhammad founded. A number of high-profile incidents have occurred recently.

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So he and at least 40 members of his violence prevention organisation have been monitoring CTA Red Line trains, he claimed.

All the train carriages are flooded, and “whatever illnesses or problems or bad actors may be on there to propagate some type of violence that is instantly erased from their brain,” he said.

Facebook Live Coverage

As a part of his Facebook Live coverage, he has been filming the patrols. In an effort to dissuade criminal activity, his group members wore brightly coloured clothing. It includes black and red coats, while riding the subway.

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According to Jordan Foley, “I used to be on these trains, contributing to a lot of the issues on these trains.”

As a group, “our whole ethos is to reframe our past actions as a means of strengthening local communities,”

Various organisations, from Violence Interrupters to Guardian Angels, have conducted similar patrols throughout the years.

According to NBC 5, several passengers are excited about the new addition. The emotions of others around her were all over the place.

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