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The SNAP Program May Caused A Pinch For Many

Thousands of people who qualify for food stamps will soon feel the pinch as pandemic funding ends and the holiday season approaches, IRI analysts said. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is home to many unemployed individuals including others who work minimum wage jobs and struggle to make ends meet.

These issues, in addition to clogged ports, a truck driver shortage, and rising raw materials costs, make shopping for food at the grocery store a costly proposition for many. It is now increasingly difficult for food stamp recipients to stretch their dollars.

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The slowdown has also affected many consumer packaged goods companies, according to IRI. These companies are believed to miss out on spending by SNAP shoppers worth over $3 billion each month. Despite recent increases in food assistance and child tax credits, the purchasing power of those has declined.

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  1. Put a stop to them raising the price off food because you used to be able to get a roll of ground beef for 10.95 now ware I live it is $15.95 which is ridiculous.

  2. The increase in foods stamps are greatly needed for many reasons the rise of prices , some that have special medical diets, location of shopping there are endless reasons why the increase is needed it should not be a age thing or a particular group thing but clearly a survival thing .

  3. Its crazy if someone marrys a rich person that rich person cant divorce that person and return them to proverty because they changed their life style but the extra money that has been given to the snap program and they speak of how when they stop the increase many will feel the pinch !! How is this legally or morally right?

  4. It is a disturbing plot the government plays fall into it and the people of this nation will fail just as the government wants they want you in the city’s and out of the forest so they can keep an eye on you it’s up to the power of the people to not fail think about it

  5. My foodstamps had been reduced for some reason. I thought it had to do with the fact that my son works part time but it is not my snap was cut by $280 and they had my son down as on ssi and he was not on that since school ended. So we should haf4 been getting more benefits now i might not even get anything snd i pay the rent and utilities. He has to buy his own clothing. If you don’t have section 8 or something like that it’s hard to make ends meet as a single mother and i work in a supermarket and i can’t believe the people that come in and have snap benefits carring s gucci bag and wearing a huge diamond i can’t afford to put a car on the road i can’t make ends meet it seems like sometimes always playing catch up and now i may not have foodstamps or if i do it’s so little. And other people have better jobs than me i just don’t understand and this whole time i should had been getting more maybe i could have saved a little for the holidays but you didn’t give me the chance

  6. For me the few food stamps that I get is a different of my eating and not eating. I’m 62 disabled and can’t work. I live on my few food stamps and 800.00 per month to cover all my bills. It is very hard to do this with prices going up. I get help with food but I can’t afford to eat healthy, I get what is cheaper at grocery store if I even get to go. Some people like myself don’t get the good things in life, we get what we can afford. Before you start taking food stamps away just no that it is a different in me getting to one meal a day or none. Just a snack. It’s a big difference to many. If I could work I would but I’m in a wheelchair and pray for the things I need on a daily basis. I have to rashin myself monthly so I can eat once a day.
    American should not have to live like this but we do. Nobody pays it any attention,& doesn’t even care. From now on when you throw food away or lie to get food stamps when you are working and really don’t need them, Think about people like that wish they had more food and help. But we are always overlooked and probably always will be. My stamps are much needed and I only 125.00 a month. Try it see if you could live on that. Again that is monthly not weekly. It’s a shame we have to live like that. Stop overlooking us and try to help.

  7. I’ve worked since 17 now that I’m retired I’m only recieve $20 dollars in foodstamp I make it work that’s like a slap in the face but what can I do about it I’m now retired on a fixed income not much left once I take care of my living expenses.

  8. People are already struggling to put food on their table for their families and if the government discontinue the SNAP program its going to be millions struggling to feed themselves.

  9. My family is drowning no matter what we do. Somebody needs to do something or we are going to lose our car, our home, and be on the street. The more we work the more taxes are taken out so we can’t even get ahead. The extra 300 to our check if we work 15 hours over time we don’t even get to keep!!! Half is taken out for taxes or healthcare. Whitmer/Biden WHOEVER, do something to stop the increase!!! We are on the verge of homelessness! We were living comfortable until the pandemic hit. Now we’re near losing it all.


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