Plumbing Services in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area Receives Several Calls for Broken Pipes

Frigid temperatures have caused water pipes in the Atlanta area to freeze and burst. Everyone, from single-family houses to skyscrapers, is feeling the effects of this problem. Many plumbing businesses are operating around the clock to address increasing emergency calls.

These outside walls will feel the chilliest. Adrian González from Roto-Rooter states, “As you can see, you have a broken pipe.” According to Gonzalez, this is only one of his teams’ challenges recently. The ceiling has suddenly caved in,” Gonzalez added.

Pipes have been bursting all around the metro region due to the current sub-zero weather

Friday night was when things began to heat up. Gonzalez remarked, “Saturday, and especially yesterday, on Christmas, it was insanely busy. All across the place, pipes have burst. Gonzalez claimed, “In the twenty years I’ve been doing this, and the twelve years I’ve been working in Atlanta, I’ve never seen anything like this.

According to Gonzalez, there are measures you can take to forestall this. Gonzalez stated, “one of the most popular ways, and it’s pretty simple, is if you keep your faucets leaking overnight so that you can have some water consistently going through the pipes.” “They also sell coverings to place over outside faucets to prevent them from freezing,” the author explains.


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