The Second “Most Haunted” RV Park is in San Diego County

The second most haunted RV campground in the United States is in San Diego County.

The RV Trader says that Lake Morena County Park  has the most remote reservoir in the county. It is the second most haunted park because strange things have been seen there before.

The park is 3,000 feet above sea level and has a lot of desert and mountains.

Even as far back as 1983, the Union-archives Tribune tells the story of a park volunteer named Walter Strucker who lived in a motorhome near the lake. He had seen and heard strange things.

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Stucker told reporters that when he woke up, he saw what looked like a tall man standing outside his window, but the man wasn’t actually standing.

The park volunteer said that the man was not on the ground, but was instead hovering above it.

The RV Trader says that other park workers, nearby residents, and visitors have also told scary stories.

Lake Morena County Park is known for being scary because of stories about a ghost woman in a long white dress and the sound of heavy footsteps in the campgrounds.

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