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Caltrans Conduct Job Fair in Old Town; Dozens are Already Hired and Promoted Locally


At the State Department of Transportation, there are jobs as an equipment operator, in highway and landscape maintenance, and as a maintenance service assistant.

If you want to work for Caltrans, you can go to a job fair near the Old Town Transit Station at 4050 Taylor St., District 11 Headquarters, which is within walking distance.

Gavin Newsom’s multi-year cleaning plan of one billion dollars to generate thousands of jobs, eliminate trash, and involve communities in beautification activities is supported by several employment.

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Since July 2021, Clean California has employed scores of San Diego residents via state-contracted employment programmes, job fairs, and recruiting campaigns.

Job Fair in Old Town

Half of the candidates recruited at last year’s event had been elevated to jobs with more responsibilities and pay.

It also has one of the highest promotion rates among the 12 CalTrans districts in California. Across the state, over 750 additional team members have been employed.

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This month, CalTrans said that since the Clean California programme started, one million cubic yards of trash have been cleaned up from the state’s roads.

This is 300% more trash than was cleared from the state’s roadway system in 2020. This is sufficient to place two trash heaps in orbit 250 miles above the Earth’s surface, beyond the International Space Station.

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