Texas Tech’s Response to Allegations of a Racial Slur made by Lane Kiffin During the Texas Bowl

During Wednesday night’s Texas Bowl, an Ole Miss player allegedly spat on by a Texas Tech player, and Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin claims the player “probably” used a racial slur. The Associated Press reports that Ole Miss’s No. 11 Jordan Watkins received a personal foul penalty when a skirmish broke out in the fourth quarter of the game.

Kiffin said after Ole Miss’ 42-25 loss to No. 11 senior linebacker Dimitri Moore from Tech that the old should have been called for the infraction. Kiffin said that Ole Miss’ No. 71 Jayden Williams got into a brawl with Moore. Referees announced penalties were assessed to Watkins, but Kiffin claims Watkins was not even on the field at the time.

Kiffin stated that he overheard a Tech coach berating Moore for participating in the altercation. Kiffin informed the referees that his player was upset not because he was spitting on but because of “something that was stated.”

Kiffin claimed that he had not heard the slur being uttered and had only been told about the incident

Joey McGuire, head coach of Texas Tech, was not questioned about what happened in the locker room. In a statement released at 2:13 p.m. on Thursday, he said he was “disappointed an opposing head coach decided to insinuate significant claims that are incorrect and irresponsible.”

McGuire claims he’s discussed the matter with Moore, who has flatly refuted the charges. Moore released a statement denying the allegations and expressing regret that the controversy overshadows his final game with the Red Raiders.

Moore said, “I have tried to represent my teammates, this coaching staff, and most importantly, my family in the highest manner.” It has been a privilege to represent this club, and last night’s victory was a fantastic way to end the season.”

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