South Carolina New Traffic Law Takes Effect Sunday! Read Law in Details

A new traffic law came into action in South Carolina on Sunday. According to this new law, drivers should use only the far-left lane while driving on highways and crossing any other vehicles. This new law is known as the ‘Move Right law’. This law has come into action but only warning tickets will be issued during the first 90 days, and after November 13, 2021, violating this law could cost drivers a fine of $25. Signs will be placed along the roadways of South Carolina which will mention “State Law: Slower Traffic Move Right”

Here is what the law states along with some exceptions: 

  • When in the left lane, there is no other vehicle directly behind the vehicle
  • When traffic conditions or any similar situations make it impossible to drive in the right lane
  • If any extreme weather conditions make it safer to drive in the left lane;
  • If any obstructions are present in the right lane;
  • If, due to any design of highway, a vehicle is needed to be driven in the left lane while preparing to exit.
  • All the law enforcement vehicles are involved in official duties and engaged in highway maintenance and construction operations.
  • If a driver of a commercial motor vehicle is unable to move into the right lane safely due to another vehicle overtaking or passing his vehicle to the right.

According to this new law, it is still illegal to tail another vehicle too closely, even if the left lane driver is violating the law. This new law has been taken into effect and will require drivers to get out of the way for faster ones in the left lanes of highways.  Violation of this law is not a criminal act and will not be included on a driver’s motor vehicle record or to insurance companies.

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