An 18-year-old Pregnant Girl Attacked by a Group of Young Girls Loses Her Unborn Child. Read Full News Here.

We are living in a generation where everyone is becoming cold heart but killing or beating someone for no reason is not fun… But still many do the same just for their own jollification. Our today’s post is a real example of the same.

As indicated by police reports, the 18-year-old Beth N. was watching a game with her auntie in a games bar back in July when a gathering of young ladies assaulted her when she was leaving the bar.

The police said the casualty was new to the gathering of 5-6 young ladies and the assault was absolutely unwarranted. When asked to the victim what happened to her she replied as said in a very deep voice-

“It was completely unprovoked… I walked around past the first girl and was walking back towards the pub walking back to grab my friends, and she just looked me up and down.”

“I looked at her back, and she was like ‘what the **** are you looking at?’ I just calmly said ‘what’s your problem?’ I started to walk away and she came up behind me and grabbed my plait, and punched me around the side of my head.”

And do you know what is the saddest part of this incident? Beth was one month pregnant at that time when the group of girls beat her… She said that the gathering of young ladies hit her on numerous occasions in the face, toward the rear of her head and in her stomach coming about with premature delivery.

After this, she was taken to the health care where Beth came to know that he had a lot of injuries due to which he could not even move his hand and also had a miscarriage which is really heartbreaking.

Medical clinic reports demonstrate that the head wounds were the most genuine ones compelling her to remain hospitalized for right around ten days before she was released from the clinic.

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Beth’s mom said that the initial two-three days she was in acceptable condition notwithstanding losing her child, however, her condition was demolished when she began fostering some bizarre, indistinct side effects that were not extremely identified with the wounds.

Here we have added some lines of Beth on this incident-

“I tried to defend myself, but before I knew there were just loads of them all on top of me,”

“I was in and out of seizures on the floor, and in the ambulance.”

Beth kept on recuperating at her home, however starting today, she allegedly still battles to get things moving like previously. While the actual wounds are practically gone, she fostered a “psychological boundary” dreading to leave her home apprehensive that somebody might assault her once more.

Lamentably, the young lady even lost her employment during the recuperation time frame.

No one wants such things to happen with them. It leaves a trauma in their mind for a lifetime, here is what she said at the end: “I’m scared to leave the house. I don’t want something else to happen, and I don’t want to be alone because I might have a fit.”

The police are still searching to find those girls and we hope from our side that they are found and they must be punished for this work.

You can comment your thought regarding this accident. And share this with your friends and aware them because everyone life matters. No one has rights to kill anyone. Stay tuned with The East County Gazette for the latest news updates.

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