Simone Biles Supports Her Fiancé at Houston Texans Game Wearing a Custom “Owens” Jersey

On October 3, Simone Biles wore a homemade “Owens” jersey to Jonathan Owens’s last football game as a memorial.

On Monday, when the Houston Texans safety joined his team in a game against the Buffalo Bills, Biles stood on the sidelines wearing a bespoke T-shirt with her future husband’s last name.

“My favourite day of the week: game day,” Biles captioned a picture of herself cheering on Owens from the Astroturf in front of an excited audience while wearing the jersey.

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“Houston Texans” and Owens’ jersey number, 36, are printed in red, white, and navy on the front of Biles’s elegantly torn top, which looks to have been stitched together with shreds of fabric from several shirts.

Scarlet and Blue Tassels

Like a page from a well-loved scrapbook, the back of Owens’ jersey displays the number 36 once again, this time over his surname. Additionally, the sleeves have white ties on each side.

As a finishing touch, scarlet and blue tassels hang from the back of Biles’s shirt to her knees, alluding subtly to the traditional Western image of Texas.

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Biles paired the T-shirt with raw-hemmed denim shorts, white shoes with pointy toes, stud earrings, and a silver chain-link bracelet.

It is unknown how long it took to create the bespoke jersey, but the completed result is more evidence that Biles is Owens’ and her number one cheerleader.

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