Shooting In Lower West Side Kills 2; CPD Officer Injured

According to CPD, the shooting in Chicago‘s Lower West Side took the lives of two people. The incident occurred on 21st Street, just west of Western Avenue, and the victim, a 32-year-old man and a 29-year-old woman, were both inside a car at the time, according to police.

After the shooting, the black Honda SUV drove eastward on 21st Street, according to Chicago police, until it collided with a parked automobile in the 2300-block of West 21st Street.

At the scene, both the man and the woman were declared dead. Witnesses claimed to have heard up to eight gunshots. After the shooting, a big crowd, according to witnesses, gathered at the scene, and it appeared that a fight had broken out between the crowd and the police. Police reported that a female officer suffered a leg injury in the aftermath. She was brought in good condition to a nearby hospital for treatment.

During the commotion following the incident, three persons were brought to jail. In relation to the shooting, nobody is currently in custody. Detectives from Area Three are looking into it.

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