San Diego County Schools Are Breaking the State’s K-12 Mask Mandate! Read in Details

Some of the private schools in San Diego are denying the state’s K-12 school mask mandate and to this, no state or local officials are forcing them to comply. The Ramona Unified School Board permitted the students to opt out of wearing masks in school, without any need for medical issues.

In northeast San Diego County, Ramona Unified is a school district of about 5,000 students After various discussions on this topic a meeting was held on Monday night, allowing students to skip masks until the school legally get an opt-out form. Even after the warning from Superintendent Theresa Grace that breaking the mask mandate might bring serious liability issues, the board still decided to continue with the idea.

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Not only Ramona Unified but also a lot of other private schools in San Diego also told families in a recent letter that wearing masks are optional for students and staff. California has asked all K-12 students to wear masks, but it’s not mandatory. Staff are required to wear masks while indoors and while around students.

The state school mask mandate has shown a great response from parents who feel it depends on one individual to wear a mask or not. California, meanwhile, is also anxious to avoid COVID-19 disaster situations, where on average a lot of people are dying from the virus every day.

According to the studies, there is no way to stop COVID-19 from spreading. Masks play an important role in preventing transmissions of coronavirus especially when mask compliance is high. As masks help stop respiratory droplets carrying the coronavirus, which is, in turn, prevent the spreading of disease.

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The Ramona school board after various arguments with parents came to a decision that it is optional for kids to wear masks and they have a choice not to wear them. Many parents were concerned that masks might contain bacteria which can be a greater health risk to children than catching COVID-19. Bob Stoody, president of Ramona Unified School Board, also agreed with the parents.

Along with other faculties Board Trustees, Daryn Drum was completely against the new policy as he is worried about exposing the students to COVID-19 on campus by not wearing a mask. And in turn, increases the risk.

Even after various discussions, neither county nor state officials could come to a proper conclusion in this case. If any school or district still does not follow the case will be passed on to the state for immediate action.

School decisions to make masks optional have got all the parents concerned about the situation Parents are worried about students not only will affect their health but their academics as well If in any case, even one student is COVID positive then all the unaffected students will be affected by the disease.

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Ramona Unified is the only school district in San Diego County that is not following the mask mandate. So as the state decided if any student is seen without a mask they won’t be returned back but District officials will work with families offering various alternatives.

Thus not wearing masks to schools can be a way of being free but also can make students more prone to COVID-19. This law is very useful for people who do not like to wear masks but can cause serious problems if in contact with anyone affected with COVID-19.

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