There are still a lot of San Diegans awaiting their California stimulus checks

Why are so many people in San Diego still waiting for their reimbursements when distributions began in October?

The idea of refunds originated in response to a sudden increase in the price of gasoline. Still, it was transformed into what is now known as the Middle-Class Tax Refund after legislators in Sacramento opted to make the rebates income-based.

In spite of the fact that refunds began being issued in October, many residents of San Diego County are still waiting for their money.

Direct instalments reportedly began on October 7 and were scheduled to wrap up on November 14, per the California Franchise Tax Board’s website.

On the other hand, the website reported that 6.7 million direct deposits had been made as of Monday morning.

In the late afternoon, the number had risen to 6.9 million, making it evident that they hadn’t completed the job two weeks earlier.

According to Political Analyst Steve Swatt, “those refunds, all of them should be out by now.”

He claims that the funding was intended to assist Californians with the rising cost of gasoline at the beginning of the year but that delays were caused by infighting in Sacramento over how it should be distributed.

Swatt remarked that the delay in payments was “very typical of the way politics works” since “they tried to do something” but “couldn’t get it done until the end of June.”

The rising gas costs that some San Diegans have been experiencing will not be compensated.

Rosemarie Hamilton of El Cajon lamented, “I’m one of three million seniors who will not get the stimulus payout.”

Hamilton doesn’t have to file a tax return because he doesn’t earn enough money.
So, she won’t be getting the return, but she has a car payment and is feeling the effects of rising gas prices.

My limited income isn’t enough to cover the rising costs of living in California, including groceries, inflation, and rent (I pay mobile home park rates). Hamilton remarked, “I just can’t afford to stay here.”

Several of our elected officials who represent us in Sacramento and the franchise tax board all declined CBS 8’s interview requests.

According to the state’s official website, debit cards are being sent out in alphabetical order from “N” to “V” at the moment.

Depending on your marital status and your salary, the amount you will receive might be anywhere from $200 to $1,050.

The annual salary cap is $250,000 for singles and $500,000 for couples.

Source: CBS8

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