Quake Lewellyn: Arkansas Man Receives Life Sentence for Murder and Jogger’s Rape

A 25-year-old nurse is sexually assaulted and murdered by a farmer after forcing her into his pickup truck’s back.

According to a medical examiner, Sydney Sutherland, an Arkansas jogger, died from blunt force injuries. At the same time, police investigated Her rapist and accused murderer.
Sutherland, 25, disappeared in August after leaving her home in Arkansas. Days later, she was found dead close to her house, according to KATV.

According to police, local farmer Quake Lewellyn, 28, abducted Sutherland. At the same time, she was running before being raped and murdered.
Lewellyn is currently held in custody for the pending formal charges in the case.
The death was ruled a homicide by the medical examiner.

According to the medical examiner, Sydney Sutherland died due to blunt force trauma.
According to The Sun, Jackson County Sheriff David Lucas confirmed on Thursday. Sutherland died as a result of “multiple blunt force injuries.” They investigated her death as a homicide.

Police Investigation

The complete autopsy report is still in progress, as per the sheriff. Until it is finished, there won’t be any more updates.

According to investigators and questioned by police, Lewellyn confessed to killing Sutherland.

When Arkansas State Police agent Mike McNeill saw Sutherland jogging on a local road. He allegedly forced her into his car’s trunk.

Sutherland was jogging near an Arkansas highway on Wednesday. On Thursday night, someone found her cellphone. She was about a quarter-mile from her house.

Sydney Sutherland, 25, died in a car crash with numerous blunt force injuries, per her autopsy.

Lewellyn then raped and murdered Sutherland before burying her body. According to Law and Crime, the two had known each other.

In a phone interview, Lewellyn’s attorney stated that prosecutors had not filed any paperwork. The formal charges against his client are still pending.

Once charges are filed, the attorney says he can seek discovery.

According to Law and Crime. Lewellyn’s wife filed for divorce in early September, citing “general indignities.”

“Please keep in mind that no further updates will be there until this investigation is over to protect the integrity of the investigation.”

A medical examiner has determined the cause of death for slain Arkansas jogger Sydney Sutherland.
Lucas has not revealed how Lewellyn and Sutherland met.

According to a previous PEOPLE report, Lewellyn joined a Facebook group devoted to finding Sutherland while she was still missing.

In 2016, the Lewellyn family received the Jackson County Farm Family of the Year award. Regarding farming, he quotes in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

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