Parents Object To How The East Chicago School Handled The Teacher Who Made A “Kill List”

EAST CHICAGO, Indiana (CBS) – After a teacher permit to remain on school property without the police being notify for many hours on Wednesday, several parents expressed their worry at a Catholic school in East Chicago.

The instructor acknowledges the compiling of a kill list containing the names of faculty and students.

At least one parent visited with officials in East Chicago, Indiana, on Wednesday, according to CBS 2’s Suzanne LeMignot.

After the instructor incident, more than 100 parents banded together to compose a letter. They’re calling for adjustments.

Some of those parents showed up to voice their displeasure after alleging that St. Stanislaus School failed their kids. One of them was a kid carrying a banner that said, “I do not feel secure.”

A fifth-grader informed a counselor last week that their instructor had threatened to murder everyone at the school—staff, kids, and other teachers.

The counselor then notified the principal. The instructor acknowledges the making of the kill list, according to East Chicago police. After the instructor permit to leave the building. They are kept in the dark about the incident for four hours.

Parents have requested a meeting with the Diocese. The formation of a policy council. The resignation of any official who disregards the school’s mission and endangers students. In a letter to the school and the Diocese of Gary, their families, and the community.

According to parent Ashley Alford, one of the kids who reports what the teacher said to her daughter.

She observes departing a few minutes later, according to Alford. “She had no trouble getting an Uber home. Nobody else contacts me at this time. I am not getting the information about the threat my child facing. They didn’t call the police until around 4:45 that afternoon.”

Alford noted that given how long it took to notify authorities, she wants the school administration “held responsible.”

It took more than four hours for East Chicago Police Chief Jose Rivera’s department to get word of the teacher’s remarks.

The school administration is contact about the letter. However, the school did not respond. The instructor is accused of criminal intimidation.

Police say they are holding her.

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