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New Poll Says 2020 Presidential Elections Should be Overturned?


Politico and Morning Consult released results from a poll regarding recent political decisions and issues within the Biden administration.

The poll, which was conducted between October 22-October 24, 2021 among a sample of 1999 registered voters, showed that  22 percent of registered voters said the results of the 2020 presidential election should “definitely” be overturned, and 13 percent of those polled said they should “probably” be overturned.

The numbers are shown nine months after a joint session of Congress convened in January to certify the Electoral College results for last November’s election. This was notably delayed when a pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol.

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The interviews were conducted online and the data were weighted to approximate a target sample of registered voters based on gender by age, educational attainment, race, marital status, home ownership, race by educational attainment, 2020 presidential vote, and region.

Results from the full survey have a margin of error of plus or minus 2 percentage points.

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Sixty percent of Republicans polled said the election results should definitely or probably be overturned, while 30 percent of GOP respondents said the vote should probably not or definitely not be overturned. Ten percent said they do not know.

For comparison, only 16 percent of Democrats and 27 percent of independents said they think the election results should be overturned.

However, while the poll found that while a sizable number of voters said the 2020 presidential election should be overturned, fewer said it is likely to occur.

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Some of the other questions were: “Now, generally speaking, would you say that things in the country are going in the right direction, or have they pretty seriously gotten off on the wrong track?” where 61% of the polled said they felt like the latter. 

The poll also surveyed about the people’s awareness of certain issues such as Facebook planning to change its name, the International Climate Change Conference, the budget on the Build Back Better plan, and many more. 

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The poll also showed results on favorability for certain politicians such as Nancy Pelosi, Donald Trump, Charles Schumer, President Joe Biden, and Vice President Kamala Harris.

You can check out the entire poll by Politico and the Morning Consult here.

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