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New Bonus Checks Coming Out, Find Out Who Are Eligible?

In light of the continuing economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S., it appears unlikely at present that any further stimulus checks will be granted by the federal government in February 2022.

There are many factors contributing to this, but the main one is that President Joe Biden’s administration cannot introduce or pass the ‘Build Back Better’ bill.

An Economic Stimulus Check is Needed

There are millions of lower and middle income Americans, who rely heavily on the stimulus package, who are worried about how they will cope with high inflation and COVID-19. In addition, some states and cities are providing stimulus payments and financial assistance to residents affected by pandemic COVID-19 – now specifically referred to as the highly contagious Omicron variant of the pandemic.

Here is an overview of seven different COVID-19 stimulus packages and economic relief packages offered at the state and city levels.

This information was compiled from an article posted on Marca. This list does not include all stimulus packages and economic relief American states and cities offer this year.

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Checks on Stimulus in 7 locations

  1. Washington DC Strong Families, Strong Futures – The program will provide $900 a month for one year to 132 families in the American capital, as per Chronicle News.
  2. Rochester City, New York State – this City has a relief plan to assist two groups of eligible residents for two years. The first group of 175 people would receive $500 each month for the first year and the second group of 175 would receive the same financial aid or stimulus payments the following year.
  3. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – COVID-19 relief funds raised will be used to provide $500 stimulus payments per month to 200 low-income families.
  4. Lousianna, New Orleans – Financial education for teenagers will be funded with $350 a month. This will last for 10 months, according to Marca.
  5. Newmark, New Jersey – The pilot project will test guaranteed income in two ways. Some beneficiaries will receive $350 every two weeks, while the rest will receive $3000 per year.
  6. Chicago, Illinois – eligible citizens who earn less than $35,000 a year qualify for $500 stimulus payments each month.
  7. Columbia, South Carolina – Every month, $500 will be paid to the 100 poorest families in the state.
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