Los Angeles Holocaust Museum Faces Threats After Inviting Kanye West for a Private Tour

After artist Kanye West turned down the Los Angeles Holocaust Museum’s offer of a private visit, the museum claimed it was inundated with anti-Semitic messages. West, now known as Ye after legally changing his name, has received a flood of hate mail since he made several anti-Semitic comments.

LAHM CEO Beth Kean and the museum offered West a private tour despite his remarks hoping he would change his mind. “We know that education is the most excellent agent of change,” Kean said. “If the museum’s visitors and students approach it as observers, that’s how they’ll leave it. We are aware of that.” He continued.

“We publicly invited Kanye West and he publicly rejected our offer,” LAHM CEO Beth Kean says

The Los Angeles Holocaust Museum invited Kanye West for a private tour, but he declined. The museum has since been inundated with messages “filled with hate, threats, and vitriol,” the museum said. “There are real repercussions to the things you say, Ye. To fully grasp how words can incite horrific violence and genocide, we strongly recommend visiting the Holocaust Museum in Los Angeles. “The museum made the statement.

On the “Drink Champs Podcast,” Ye reportedly turned down the offer and declared Planned Parenthood his personal Holocaust museum. The man publicly declined the museum’s invitation despite Kean’s best efforts. Kean claims that the museum’s social media pages have been flooded with anti-Semitic vitriol since it extended the invitation.

“Kanye has more Twitter followers than there are Jews in the entire world combined. “People like Kanye have a massive platform, and he has over 30 million Twitter followers. He needs to realize that he needs to use his words to inspire, not to incite, and not to perpetuate the hate, the lies, and the hate. ‘anti-Semitism.'” Kean added.

According to experts, the artist’s stunt on the 405 was just one example of how his actions fueled anti-Semitism. Several individuals flashed Nazi salutes and a banner reading “Kanye was right about the Jews” on Saturday.

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