California Not The Safest State in America

Among the “safest states” in the US, California is ranked in the middle. Americans’ top concern is safety, especially in light of the news of mass shootings, hate crimes, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic’s consequences.

A recent WalletHub study, however, contends that certain states are more effective at addressing safety issues than others. A research rating each state’s safety using 53 measures, such as the number of mass shootings, fatal injuries, and local climatic disasters, was published by the personal finance company on Tuesday.

Each aspect was scored out of 100, with 100 being the maximum level of safety. California received a total score of 48.94, placing it as the 27th safest state in the nation. Some California cities also had the greatest rises in homicide rates.

The top-ranked Californian city according to that research was Oakland, which is in Northern California; it came in at number 10. The safest state was Vermont, while the most unsafe city was Louisiana. In the survey, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento came in at 22, 28, and 32, respectively.

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