Lawmakers Want the Postal Service Ready For The Holidays

One of the difficulties the U.S. Postal Service is having is ensuring that your holiday parcels arrive on time, although it predicts that the rush will not be as intense as it was last year. Lawmakers want to make sure that the Postal Service is prepared for the hectic holiday shipping and shopping season.

Federal lawmakers are closely examining how the Postal Service is getting ready for the approaching holiday season and how changes in the Postal Service may affect delivery in the future as the holiday rush begins today.

These topics took center stage on Capitol Hill on Wednesday. The Postal Service processed more than 13 billion pieces of mail, packages, and cards between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve last year; yet, on-time delivery rates decreased.

The alarm is being sounded by lawmakers like Georgia Representative Jody Hice. Doing the same old method simply won’t work, according to Hice. The Postal Service claims that this year should be more trouble-free.

Due to worries about supply challenges brought on by earlier orders, more employees have been hired.

Legislators claim that from November to mid-January, the Postal Service’s on-time delivery rates decreased. According to reports, slower mail delivery during the holiday season impacts not just gifts but also prescription drugs, unemployment payments, and Social Security checks.

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