Las Vegas: Police Share New Video Of A Drive-By Shooting At Halloween Party

The 22-year-old victim of a drive-by gunshot outside a Halloween house party last year was killed, and Las Vegas police have released a new video of the incident.

As shots are fired at the front of the house, partygoers can be seen hiding in the video that was posted on Thursday. The vehicle can also be seen leaving while traveling south on Beesley Drive, close to Stewart and Nellis.

The party was crowded after an invitation was posted on social media, according to an investigation by the LVMPD Homicide Section. Five unnamed Hispanic men came to the residence as the host started to pat down visitors for security reasons, but they objected to the pat down. The men were soon asked to leave.

A short while later, Graciela Gomez and two other persons were shot as a car came by and fired multiple shots at the house’s front. Responding medical professionals pronounced Graciela Gomez dead on the spot, and the two other victims drove themselves to UMC Trauma for treatment of non-life-threatening gunshot wounds.

“Our hope in disclosing this information is that it may jog somebody’s recollection and somebody will offer us information that will lead to the identification of those guilty for the shooting of Graciela Gomez,” Lt. Jason Johansson said in a video.

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