Letter: It’s high time for DeSantis to make Donald Trump impotent

I strongly urge Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to make a presidential bid announcement as soon as feasible.

In addition, I’m pleading with all the other Republicans to drop their opposition and rally behind this one candidate.

And I say this as someone who, at one time, voted for Donald Trump. It’s time for a generational shift, regardless of the mayhem Mr. Trump generates or the success of his economic initiatives.

Even if Mr. Trump receives the support of his dedicated base in the primaries, he will be knocked out of the race by a united party behind a strong candidate like Gov. DeSantis.

I am a fiercely independent 60-something who thinks it’s time to get away from the octogenarians who are currently governing the country.

Sorry to break it to you, but the next generation will need to change the course of our country.

Source: Las Vegas Review Journal

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