Democrats Are Bracing For The GOP To Make Hunter Biden The New Benghazi

They do not desire Hunter Biden’s. Instead, the House GOP caucus is preparing to begin a two-year campaign to undermine President Joe Biden’s reputation—and decrease his popularity ratings—much like how they handled Hillary Clinton and the Benghazi hearings before her 2016 presidential campaign.

But this time is different; Democrats outside the White House, a war room operation is being mounted. Instead of assuming that voters can see through the partisan bluster. The Congressional Integrity Project, which has a pointed name, will attempt to repel the Republican barrage and advance in the informational battle.

Leslie Dach, a CIP senior adviser. Who is collaborating with the company’s founder Kyle Herrig and veteran political activist Brad Woodhouse? Says the newly reorganized group’s existence is an attempt to set up a response team and a war room for the twenty-first century that is able to “expose the political motivations driving the investigations aimed at the White House.” All three have strong ties to the Democratic Party.

More election fraud deniers will be present in the next Congress than there were on January 6

We think we can prevail in this conflict over narratives, says Dach. They (the GOP) are saying it outright: they want to harm Joe Biden. It follows the Trump playbook for insults.

As a C-4 designated group, it is not required to disclose its donors. Private individuals and foundations support the organization. Although separate from the White House, it maintains close communication with Biden aides.

Jim Comer, a Republican from Kentucky who will be the chair of The House Oversight Committee, didn’t waste any time reading the quiet portion out loud. “To be crystal clear: Joe Biden is the subject of this investigation. In the upcoming Congress, the committee will concentrate on that.” he declared at a press conference after the razor-thin GOP majority was confirmed.

According to Comer, Hunter Biden serves as the pretext. For a probe into “whether the president is compromised or swayed by foreign dollars.”

When Kevin McCarthy admitted that the House Select Committee on Benghazi form to harm Hillary Clinton’s popularity. It cost him the speakership in 2015. His honesty widely regards as a mistake. Republicans insisted the protracted investigation had nothing to do with politics until McCarthy let the truth out. One of the most bombastic GOP members, Rep. Jim Jordan, had his moment more recently when he declared that Trump would run for president again and that “we need to make sure that he wins.”

According to Dach, who oversaw the Democrats’ effectiveness. They are credited with winning the House in 2018 and 2020 thanks to their messaging on health care. The American people are aware of the hypocrisy, but we will demonstrate it to them. You must tell a short story every day, and it is simple.

The modernized war room is reminiscent of the so-called “Masters of Disaster.” Two aides in the Clinton administration (Chris Lehane and Mark Fabiani) successfully directed the White House’s response to Republican attacks in the 1990s. In part by selectively leaking to the media and generally outsmarting the opposing team.

The Clinton White House made using the counterattack its trademark. It was successful. Despite the Whitewater scandal investigations and the Republican House’s vote to impeach Clinton. Democrats increased their representation in the House in the 1998 midterm elections. The mission of the CIC, which is to “investigate the investigators,” is reminiscent of the criticism the Clinton campaign leveled at Kenneth Starr. During the Monica Lewinsky investigation.

There Is No Democrat Equivalent to the Scandalousness of GOP Election Deniers

Even though massive overreach almost always backfires, nobody spares. If you throw enough mud, some will inevitably stick.

In the upcoming 117th Congress, there are only three House Republicans who served during the Clinton administration. According to Claremont-McKenna College professor Jack Pitney, “the vast majority doesn’t know firsthand how GOP investigations backfired.” Before entering academia, Pitney worked as a political operative on Capitol Hill. According to one analyst, the author claims that This strategy “is unlikely to succeed and may well backfire Unless they uncover some shocking new information involving Vice President Biden.

He continues, “The Democrats know what’s coming.” The “A team” competes against the “gang that can’t shoot straight.”

If McCarthy—the presumed next Speaker of the House—wants to be in charge of his caucus, he must follow the Trump playbook. The base wants this, although he might have some inkling that it won’t be successful with the general electorate, says Pitney. Although I don’t believe he will be remembered as a political genius, the base wants this. Republicans ran on delivering real answers on inflation, and if they haven’t already, they will soon realize that this gives them something to talk about instead of doing so.

It will be easier for Biden to stay out of the fight personally and politically if an outside organization handles the quick response of fending off GOP attacks in real time. Pitney says that seeing his son’s reputation tarnished every day will be emotionally taxing for Biden. “I don’t believe they’ll uncover anything that links him (President Biden) to wrongdoing, but it will still be difficult for him as a loving father,”

A story written about Hunter Biden’s tax investigation in Delaware. Since late 2018 due to his lucrative board membership in the Ukrainian energy company Burisma. Also his interactions with a Chinese energy company. He borrowed money to pay $1 million in back taxes. After learning he is investigating, but this does not exonerate him of other potentially serious accusations.

The legal system is functioning so far. President Trump pleaded with Bill Barr, a former attorney general, to appoint a special prosecutor. Additionally, after Biden gets elect, Attorney General Merrick Garland did not ask the Trump-appointed U.S. District Attorney in Delaware, David Weiss, to resign, keeping him in place to complete the investigation.

Hunter Biden left his laptop at a computer in a Delaware store and never returned to get it. Which becomes the focus of rumors that he defrauded the government and used his father’s name for personal gain. The specifics are hazy, but like Hillary and Benghazi, it is an ongoing scandal. The difference is that Democrats won’t be defending and dragging their feet this time. They are getting ready to strike back.
Democrats are bracing for the GOP to make Hunter Biden the new Benghazi.

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