How Can 26 Cars Be Stolen From A Dealership In New York City?

Surveillance cameras are everywhere these days. Thieves with more expertise have also begun to arrive.

Is there any other explanation for the theft of 26 cars in one night from a New York City vehicle lot?

How could it go undetected that a large number of vehicles were leaving a Queens parking lot at night when there is so much surveillance equipment in place?

Two NYC Dealers Have Had Multiple Cars Stolen In One Month

This is also a concern that has been raised in light of a similar robbery that occurred at a Mitsubishi dealership in Jamaica, Queens, earlier this month.

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This year, auto theft is up 34% in New York City, but it has already exceeded records established in 2021 just over the river in New Jersey. However, numbers alone can’t shed light on what caused this. This is how the heist occurred, anyhow.

You may find Carsiri, a dealership for automobiles, on Queens Boulevard. On Sunday night, intruders broke in and turned off the electricity before doing any more damage.

That’s why nothing showed up on the surveillance footage—the cameras were foiled.

How Did The Thieves Get The Cars?

There was no one to stop them as they smashed through the locked fence and invaded the employee work area.

This is where the keys were kept, and they were labelled with the names of the vehicles they belonged to.

The mass departure started at that point. Since they were limited in numbers, they made many trips back to the dealership to complete the theft. According to the Queen’s Chronicle, they also made off with seven laptops and some other goods.

Cars worth hundreds of thousands of dollars were probably taken. The tactic was also used in automobile thefts in Jamaica.

The parallels between the two incidents, according to the authorities, indicate that they were committed by the same criminal organisation.

According to NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig, “our belief is purely based on the way crime is going; individuals stealing these vehicles will use these 20 cars in various robberies and burglaries across the city, swapping plates on and off and on,” as reported by Fox5 New York.

Is Car Theft Rising In 2022?

They managed to steal 19 high-end vehicles in a previous heist. Over $800,000 worth of vehicles were stolen. So far, police have only recovered two of the vehicles and made no arrests in connection with the thefts.

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Unfortunately, a lot of these cars will be sent overseas or used for other illegal activities.
A staggering half a million vehicles were stolen in the first half of 2022. That’s the equivalent of $4.5 billion.

Ford F-150s and Chevrolet Silverado pickups have been the most often stolen cars so far in 2022, followed by GMC Sierras in sixth place.

Neither New York State nor New Jersey is in the top ten states for the most stolen automobiles in America, and no cities in either state are in the top ten for stolen vehicles.

If reported to police within 24 hours, authorities were able to recover 33 percent of stolen automobiles throughout the country. About 90% were found and brought back to California, but many were in poor condition.

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