Abyssinian Baptist Church Hosted A Memorial Service For Rev. Dr. Calvin Butts

THE NEW YORK Anyone wishing in memory of the late Rev. Dr. Calvin Butts was welcome to enter the Abyssinian Baptist Church.

According to CBS2’s Jessi Mitchell, attendees and members spent Thursday at the historic church exchanging tales of his inspiration.
Thousands of followers revered Butts as a model of leadership and devotion to the Lord. Throughout his 50 years of service to the Harlem community.

Sonia Joy Robinson-Dyer, an Abyssinian member, hasn’t missed a Sunday service in 33 years.
“I arrive at work at 6:30, so I can spend some time alone with God. So, I learned a lot from this pastor. He taught me the most important lesson: how to live out my faith, “Added Robinson-Dyer.
She claimed that she felt more comfort than sadness after her final encounter with her pastor.

“It brought peace to me. I felt at ease while seeing happy, “Added Robinson-Dyer.
In this church, Anthony Mills and his wife Diane Richards first met. They wished to make one final group appearance before their pastor.

We both took time off today because it has been 20 years since he married us, Mills said. “We stood there and expressed our gratitude for being the source of attraction for us. Strong, strong brother.”

Richards continued, “For us to stay married and walk in faith was like a blessing.
To recognize Rev. Butts’ accomplishments, additional clergy members attended. The Rev. Dr. Anthony Austin attributes his success in leading Harlem’s New Ebenezer Baptist Church to his mentor.

“Simply put, he was open to the Black community, particularly in Harlem. You see, all these building developments result from him saying, “I’m going to get my community together,” and he loved Harlem, “said Austin.
Butts, who lived for 73 years, left behind a legacy of service and leadership, demonstrating the power of a single person to influence an entire neighborhood.

If there is a God who is as good as we claim, Mills said, “I know he’s pleased with you for what you represented.”

The Abyssinian Baptist Church’s doors were supposed to be open until seven o’clock. On Friday, the viewing will resume from 9 to 11 am. At 2:00 pm, the last memorial service will start.

The Rev. Dr. Marvin McMickle, a longtime friend of Rev. Butts, will give the eulogy, according to CBS2. The pair allegedly agreed years ago that whoever lived longer would provide the other’s praise. It is according to deacons at the church.

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