Gas Prices And Inflation Are Making Snowplow Services More Expensive

(WOOD) GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan — Private snowplow services are feeling the pinch due to inflation and rising gas prices, so customers might as well.

According to price increases for personal plowing, Cutting Edge Landscape Management’s Andrew Van Oostenbrugge of Hudsonville said, “I’ve heard prices all over the board.” “We increased by 10% to 15% on average, depending on the location. I am aware others rose much higher, while some remained the same. Knowing that everyone’s finances impact negatively by inflation, we try to raise only a little.

Another snow removal company informed News 8 that it increased its yearly cost by $100.

In response to the cost increase, other businesses are reducing their services.

“Many of the calls we got from new clients result from layoffs at other businesses. This year, new clients from other companies were let go, according to Van Oostenbrugge.

The Better Business Bureau of West Michigan advises you to research potential snowplow services before hiring them.

The Better Business Bureau of West Michigan advises you to research potential snowplow services before hiring them.

Before you give a company your Troy Baker, the BBB’s communications manager in Grand Rapids suggests that you do your homework on them. in the first place.” Visit, Go online, and search. Make sure the business has a track record of performing the work you are hiring.

Even though it might be challenging to find a plow service now that the first snowfall has occurred, Baker advised that you make an effort to obtain a few price quotes.

There are some questions you need to ask when hiring someone, he advised. It provides some benchmarks for you to use. Ensure you find the right company.”
Make sure you are aware of what is to cover, Baker, advises.

Ask them to inspect your driveway. Ensure there are no unpleasant surprises. Do you want a one-car, two-car, or side piece completed for your driveway? He advised that everyone is aware of the deadlines and expectations.

For instance, let the plow service know if you need your driveway cleared of snow by 6 a.m. to get to work.

Additionally, be aware of the financial coverage provided by the contract, Baker advised. “Many companies will demand an entire season up front, but each has its definition of what constitutes a whole season. It’s an unlimited plow for some. Some will give you a specific number, after which you get charged per push.

Therefore, be aware of how much you are receiving to compare it to other offers and determine how much you will ultimately pay.

Van Oostenbrugge also advised finding out how far a plow service’s route is.
Van Oostenbrugge said, “We try to stay within a five-hour course. So we can service jobs several times a day without causing too much of a problem for myself or my helpers driving with me if we have a terrible snow event, one of those Michigan blizzards.

A great place to begin your search for a plow service is by asking your neighbors for recommendations.
Additionally, a relatively new app called Quikplow connects users with specific plow drivers if they urgently require a plow.

The app Ryan Crawley developed is compared to Uber for snow removal. There are no contracts because you order plows only as you require them.

Depending on your needs, a one-time plow can cost anywhere between $40 and $140, according to Crawley.

A typical suburban driveway costs $40 to $55, and most drivers complete the task in four hours.

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