Deadly Stabbing During Fight Over Bad Manners at NYC Smoke Shop: Suspect Arrested

Police have detained the suspect who is accused of fatally stabbing a guy who held open a door for him at a smoking shop in New York City before confronting him for failing to say “thank you.”

One of the final things that 37-year-old Joan Nunez did was a straightforward act of kindness. Nunez and another man, identified by authorities as Edwin Pedroza, were seen fighting on camera on September 21 inside a smoke store in Gowanus.

According to a witness, Nunez complained that the man for whom he held the door open had never thanked him, while the other man claimed that Nunez had never been requested to do so. Nunez, wearing white, and Pedroza are purportedly seen exchanging blows inside the business before the battle went outside.

“I was attempting to stop the fight. Put the knife away; it’s not worth it”, I said a store employee who wished to remain anonymous remarked. There was nothing I could do after they went outside, he said.

The employee claimed that Nunez’s final remarks before he fainted while covered in blood and stumbled back to the store, were about being stabbed.
Video captured Pedroza leaving the area on a bike.

Lucia Canella, overcome with sorrow, said she couldn’t believe she lost her son in a fatal argument that resulted from poor manners. “All he asked was for you to say thank you.” But then he got into a fight and lost — I lost my only son,” Canella explained.

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