The Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in the Most Popular City San Francisco

San Francisco is a fantastic metropolis that overflows with conveniences and entertainment options. People, restaurants, and nightlife spots come in all shapes and sizes. With every sizable metropolis, some locations are more secure than others. Dishonest people and bad actors indeed coexist in any community, but some regions seem to have a higher concentration of both, making it less safe to live in or visit.

Reviewing the area’s crime rate is a good starting point when deciding whether or not to move there. Some areas have a high rate of property crimes like burglaries and thefts, while others have a high rate of violent crimes like homicides, assaults, and rapes.

This data is not meant to frighten is intended to alert tourists to the regions with the most significant crime rates so they can take precautions against becoming victims. Here are five neighborhoods that are considered to be the most dangerous.

The Neighborhood Mission

The high prevalence of crime in Mission is cause for serious alarm. The odds of becoming a victim of crime in this location are one in twenty-six. This area of San Francisco has a crime rate 36 percentage points higher than the rest of the country.

The Tenderloin Neighborhood

It’s no secret that the Tenderloin is one of San Francisco’s most dangerous neighborhoods. In this neighborhood, criminal acts like breaking and entering and car theft are most common. Statistics reveal that major and violent crimes, such as narcotics offenses, robberies, assaults, and warrants, are more prevalent in The Tenderloin.

 Chinatown Neighborhood

Chinatown’s crime rate is 150 percent higher than the U.S. average. More than twenty crimes are committed daily for every one hundred thousand people. Every resident of this area has a one in fourteen probability of becoming a victim of crime.

South of Market Neighborhood

The South of Market neighborhood allegedly has a 67 percent greater crime rate than the rest of the country. There are 13.0 new criminal acts per 100,000 people every day. There is a one-in-twenty-one probability of becoming a victim of crime in this location. Five hundred thirty-six violent crimes and four thousand two hundred thirty-four property crimes are committed per one hundred thousand people in this area each year.

 Ocean View

The Ocean View area has a 108-percent-higher crime rate than the rest of the country. Daily crime rates average a little over sixteen per 100,000 people. A person in this area has a one-in-seventeen risk of being a victim of crime. Annually, 669 violent crimes and 5,286 property crimes are reported per 100,000 people.

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